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Book Talk: Loretta Napoleoni on Techno Capitalism

25th April 2024

Join the Pacific Council for a webinar examining Loretta Napoleoni’s new book TECHNOCAPITALISM: The Rise of the New Robber Barons and the Fight for the Common Good.

At the dawn of the digital revolution, the internet was going to be the great equalizer, a global democratic force. Instead, with the money printed electronically to bail out banks, Wall Street funded a new breed of serial capitalists, the Techtitans, who embraced rapid, transformational change while stripping their workers of rights and enriching themselves beyond anybody’s wildest imagination – some went on to became the Space Barons, who mine new frontiers for precious resources: our data. Then came the gig-economy, another supposed digital equalizer, where everybody was his or her own boss, but it was just another illusion.


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